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On April 8, 2000 

The historic Orient Heights Yacht Club in East Boston was engulfed by a catastrophic 9-alarm fire, propelled by strong southwesterly winds. Despite the challenges of East Boston's geographical isolation, the Boston Fire Department, led by District Fire Chief David R. Mager, swiftly responded. The wind-driven blaze not only consumed the yacht club, which dated back to 1901, but also threatened neighboring homes. A combined force of 235 firefighters battled the inferno, resulting in a loss estimated at $2.5 million, including the yacht club, fifteen boats, and damage to several residences. Reflecting on the event, Chief of Department Paul Christian labeled it one of Boston's toughest fires.


Captain James McLaughlin (ret.), Winthrop Fire Department
Fire Fighter William Miller, Ladder Company 24, BFD
Fire Fighter Felix Turley, Fire Investigation Unit, BFD
Don Harney, freelance photographer, East Boston

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